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ICS - Hotel Management ERP System

Simple Design and Extremely Easy-to-use


ICS-Hotel Management ERP System is designed to accommodate the needs of various types of hotels, motels, resorts, clubs, B & B's, small hotel franchisees, clubs, condo's, hostel and apartments. ICS-Hotel Management ERP System is installed more than 10 hotel locally.

ICS-Hotel Management ERP System is the modern solution which has whole range of integrated modules to cover every aspect of property management. The generalized version of ICS-Hotel Management ERP System is wide accepted locally with due to its state-of-art technology and extremely easy to use in nature.

The major modules of the latest ICS-Hotel Management ERP System constitutes of easy Check-in/Check-out, Guest Reservation, Group Management, House Keeping, Night Audit, Guest History and lot other.



Front Office & Reservation Module

Room Status with Color Graphic

Room Reservation
Guaranteed Reservation
Reservation Cancel
Guest Check-in
Late Check-out
Daily Room Revenue Charge
Full Day / Half Day Charge
Day Use Charge
Telephone, Fax & Internet Charge
Guest Folio
Group Folio
Room Rate Change
Paid Out
Room Change
Daily Front Office Cash Collection
Check-Out Folio Printout
No Show List
Guest In-House List
Complimentary Room List
Daily Expect Arrival List
Daily Airport Pick-up/Drop List
Group In-House List
N.S.I. Report (CSV File)
Daily Arrival List for Police Station
Credit Card Approval List
Daily Remarks List
Guest Outstanding Balance Report
Guest In-House with Balance
Direct Walk-In Guest list
Day Shift End Front Office Cash Summary Report
Daily & Consolidate Revenue
City Ledger Posting
City Ledger Realization
Money Receipt

Sales & Marketing Module

Single Reservation and Group Handling
Daily Sales Call
Query on Sales Call
Reservation Control Sheet
Reservation Query
Guest Reservation & Occupancies
Expected Arrival
Offer Letter Printout
Envelope Printout
Enlisted Company
New Arrival Company
New Arrival Company Guest
Day Use Guest List
Company Summary Information
Company wise Guest Information
Location wise Company Info.
Country Information
Nationality List
V.I.P List
Guest’s Birthday List
Guest History
Long/Short Staying Guest
Repeated/Non-Repeated Guest

PABX Call Capture

PABX call information (Guest, employee and all extension)
PABX Statement with calling duration, service charges, VAT and amount
Local, international, mobile call statement
Guest’s call integrate with Guest’s Bill

F&B Management Module

Room Service
Banquet/Conference Hall Rent
Out-side Catering
Coffee Shop
All P.O.S. Check Print-out
Daily F&B Control Sheet
F&B Daily Report
Restaurant Audit Sheet
Tips Paper
F&B Cashier Day End Summary Report
Duty Meal
Complimentary Meal
Money Receipt
F&B Revenue
VAT & Service Charge

Housekeeping Module

Room Status Update
Daily Housekeeping Report
House Keeping Store Item Code Initialize & Item Grouping
Item Adjustment
Store Update Quantity Balance
Item Single Ledger or Bin card
Position of Item Quantity
Item Quantity Opening (Date to Date)
Receipt & Issue Statement.

Mini Fridge / Mini Bar Module

Mini Fridge / Mini Bar
Mini Fridge / Bar Check Printout
Mini Fridge / Bar Posting
Mini Fridge / Bar Consume
Money Receipt
Mini Fridge / Bar List with Price

Laundry Module

Laundry Input
Laundry Check Print-out
Laundry List with Price
Daily Laundry Statement
Money Receipt Printout

Business Center Module

Business Center Statement
Business Center Revenue
Check Printout
Money Receipt Printout

Transport & Rent-a-Car Module

Transport & Rent-a-Car Statement
Revenue Statement
Money Receipt Printout

Gift Shop Module

Product Entry (Manually/Bar Code)
Product List
Bill Printout
Daily Cash Sheet
Purchase Statement
Stock Ledger
Stock Balance
Top Sales Product

Health Club Module

Health Club List with Price
Daily Health Club Statement
Health Club Summary Report
Health Club Check Printout
Money Receipt Printout

Spa Module

Spa List with Price
Daily Spa Statement
Spa Revenue
Spa Check Printout
Money Receipt Printout

Night Audit Section

Room and F&B Summary
Guest In-house List (With Balance)
Total VAT & Service Charge (D to D)
Daily Allowance
Discount Room Rate
Paid Out & Refund
Conference Room
Banquet Hall
Business Center
Income Statement
Room Charge Statement
City Ledger Statement
City Ledger Adjustment
City Ledger Age
D’Card Report
Check-out Guest with Balance
P.O.S : Restaurant, Room Service, Mini Fridge, B.B.Q., Coffee Shop, Laundry, Banquet, Conference, Gift Shop, Misc. Income, Tel, Fax & E-mail, Health Club & Recreation, Outside Catering.
Mini Fridge/Bar Product wise Monthly Sale.
Collection (Date to Date)

Store Management Module

Store Major, Minor Group & Product ID Setup
Cost Center Setup
Supplier Information
Department wise Store Requisition
Purchase Order
Details Receipt
Details Issue
Product Adjustment
Purchase Requisition Statement Requisition Number wise
Daily Purchase List
Bin Card Ledger
Receipt Print-out for GRN
Issue Print-out for MRS
Product wise Issue List
Product wise Receipt List
Summary Receipt Statement
Store Summary Balance
Cost Center Single Ledger
Cost Center Consumption Details
Cost Center  Consumption Summary
Physical Inventory Statement
Store Balance (Date-to-Date)
Store Balance (Up-to-Date)

General Ledger  Accounting Module

Chart of Account Setup
Voucher Type
Account Group Setup
Fiscal Year & Calendar Setup
Voucher Transaction (Bank, Cash & Journal)
Voucher Print-out Voucher Type wise
Details Voucher Statement
Budget & Revise Budget Yearly Input
General Ledger
Bank Book
Cash Book
Daily Cash Sheet
Bank Balance Status
Trail Balance
Trading Account
Account Schedule
Bank Reconciliation
Cash & Bank Balance Status
Month wise Comparative 
Periodic Account Statement
Cash Flow
Cost Center Single Ledger
Cost Center wise Details Statement
Cost Center wise Summary Statement
Capital & Revenue Budget Monthly and Cumulative Comparative Statement.
Revise Budget
Profit & Loss Account
Balance Sheet

Human Resource  Module

Employee Master Details with Photo
Leave (Casual, Sick, Earn, Refreshment, Maternal)
Daily Late Attendance
Salary Deduction for Unauthorized Leave
Salary Deduction for Punishment.
Salary Deduction for Over Leave.
Short Leave Statement
Employee’s Earn Leave for Weekend and Govt. Holiday.
Monthly Department wise Roster
Overtime Posting
Annually Leave Encashment Report
Consolidate Overtime Report
Employee Department Change
Promotion / Demotion
Resign / Termination  / Retirement
Daily Present & Absent Report
Daily Attendance Report (Details)
Attendance Card Printout (Date to Date)
Attendance Card Printout (Monthly)
Yearly Assignment Report Employee wise
Employee Yearly Arrear Info.
Employee’s History

Payroll  Module

Employee’s Basic Information
Salary Deduction
Salary Adjustment
Monthly Salary Register
Periodic Salary Statement
Yearly Income Tax Statement
Service Charge
Bank Salary Statement
Bank Bonus Statement
Pay Slip
Festival Bonus
Bonus Slip
Annual Encashment Payment

Petty Cash Module

Expenditure Code Setup
Impress Fund Received from Authority (Chairman, MD, Director, Bank, Cash)
Employee Petty Cash Advance
Cash Advance Ledger
Daily Expenditure Transaction
Head wise Details Expenditure
Details Payment Ledger
Summary Expenditure
Expenses (Date to Date)
Daily Cash
Total Receipt & Payment
Summary Cash Balance

Fixed Asset Module

Fixed Asset List Printout
Purchase Asset Statement
Sales (Disposal) Asset Statement
Fixed Asset Schedule
Fixed Asset Summarized Schedule
Periodic Deprecation Statement
Year End Update Process




Room Status


Room Registration


Control Sheet



F&B Entry Form




































































































































































































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